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651 S. Job Street
Virginia, IL 62691
Ph: 217-452-3211 | Fax: 217-452-7260

Mission Statement

To retain, promote, and attract commercial and industrial development within Cass County Illinois. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for citizens of Cass County by creating quality jobs and other revenue generators within the community.

Legal Status

• Commission authorized by the County
• Public Private Partnership
      o Public – Cities, Villages, University of Illinois Extension and County
      o Private – First National Bank of Beardstown; West Central Bank; Petefish-Skiles & Company Bank; First National

         Bank of Arenzville; Beardstown Savings Bank; First National Bank of Barry, Virginia Branch; Cargill Meat

         Solutions, Inc.; Cass Communications


• Public Entities give contributions
• Private Sector give donations

Board Members

• Appointed by the County and approved by the existing Board
• Current Voting Members

Board Chairman - Chad Winters
Vice Chairman - Bill Hager
Liaison Committee Chair - Tom Allen
Marina and River - Michael "JJ" Desollar
Jan Vermillion
Phyllis Taylor
Aaron Dufelmeier
Scott Musch
Cheryl Welge
Dave Handy
Dave Parish
Bob Hargrove
Billy "JR" Blair
Dean Eilers


• Public Meetings
• Fourth Thursday of the month
• City council chambers in Beardstown 9:30 am

Roster of Commissioners

Ex-Officio Members

Chairman of County Board
County Board Economic Dev. Chair
Ashland Village President *
Arenzville Village President *
Chandlerville Village President
City of Virginia Mayor *
Virginia Mayor Permanent Representative
City of Beardstown Mayor *
Beardstown Mayor Permanent Representative
U of I Extension Unit Director
Jim Edgar Panther Creek FSWA manager
Cass County Health Department
Beardstown Chamber of Commerce
Director of Economic Development
Dave Parish
Phyllis Taylor
Dave Handy
Ron Kershaw
Dean Eilers
Steve Sudbrink
Chad Winters
Bob Walters
Jan Vermillion
Aaron Dufelmeier
Mike Wickens
Teresa Smith
Janice Jamison
Dustin Fritsche

Private Sector Members

Cass Communications
West Central Bank
West Central Bank
First National Bank of Beardstown
First National Bank of Arenzville
Petefish Skiles & Co. Bank
DeSollar Agency
First National Bank of Barry, Virginia Facility
Thomas Allen
Billy "JR" Blair
Bill Hager
Scott Musch
Kai Schnitker
Thomas Prather
Micahel "JJ" Desollar
Robert Hargrove
Cheryl Welge
Brett Keyes

Liaison Committee Members

Thomas Allen (Chair)
Chad Winters
Aaron Dufelmeier
Jan Vermillion
Dave Parish
Billy “JR” Blair
Dave Handy
Ron Kershaw
Scott Musch
Dean Eilers

* Municipalities may select a permanent replacement only by formal appointment of Mayor/President with formal ratification by council/board.


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